What To Expect:


A new patient visit at our office typically takes between 30-45 minutes, although times will vary from patient to patient.  You can greatly reduce the amount of time the initial visit takes by printing and completing our new patient intake forms before your appointment.  We ask that if you are a new patient that still needs to fill out your intake forms that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the necessary paperwork.


The initial visit will consist of a brief exam by one of our chiropractors and they will review your history and exam findings before any treatment or other recommendations.  We do not require our patients to have x-rays to begin treatment although if it is deemed necessary your doctor will review the reasons why it is important for you.  After examination and review of findings your first treatment will take place during your initial visit.  Your doctor will tell you what to expect following appointment and further treatment recommendations will be given to you before you leave. 


It is important to understand that different conditions require different treatment frequencies and durations.  Your doctor will tell you what is best to get you feeling well as quickly as possible and what the best approach is to keep you in optimal health. 

New Patients

New Patient Forms


Patient Intake Form
Medical History Form
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